Caring for Your Woodwerx Cabinets

We are grateful that you chose Vision Woodwerx for your cabinetry needs! Our cabinets are built to provide a lifetime of use and satisfaction. You can prolong the look and life of your cabinets by cleaning them regularly and following the tips below. Our cabinets have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Avoid Moisture

    Long exposure to water can damage your cabinet's finish and may leave stains. Cabinets near the sink and dishwasher are the most susceptible to water damage. Make sure to dry off any areas where water has spilled and avoid placing coffee makers where steam vents directly onto cabinet surfaces. Using the ventilation fan above your cook top also prevents excessive moisture on surrounding cabinetry. Also, avoid draping wet dish cloths or towels over cabinet doors. Lastly, the humidity in your home should be controlled, as any extreme in humidity may cause damage.

  • Limit Sunlight

    Exposure to UV light can fade any type of wood finish. Limiting direct exposure to sunlight can minimize fading. To reduce the amount of sunlight on your cabinets you can install curtains and/or window film to help block some of the UV rays. Depending on the location of your cabinets, steps to reduce sun exposure may not be necessary.

  • Repairing Nicks & Scratches

    It won't take long (especially if you have kids!) for your cabinets to get a scratch or nick. We provide you with a touch-up kit, paint or stain, to fix these blemishes when they do occur. Instructions are provided with the kits.

  • Cleaning

    Regularly cleaning all cabinets will prevent build-up of grease & grime and keep your cabinets looking nice. Clean up spills & messes on cabinets shortly after they occur to prevent stains and damage. Many times, the cabinets can be cleaned using only a dampened microfiber cloth, like the one we have provided for you. You can use cleaners that are not harsh, but it's always best to spot- test any cleaner on an inconspicuous spot, such as the inside of a cabinet door.

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    • Petroleum-based products
    • Solvents
    • Bleach
    • Strong detergents & soaps
    • Paint thinners
    • Plastic brushes
    • Steel wool
    • Nail polish remover
    • Scouring Pad
    • Ammonia

Cabinet care questions?